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January 12.2019

Many rappers today feel they no longer need khổng lồ deeply engage themselves with any subject and are, in the end, only in music for the money. Nevertheless, after a decade-long career, Wowy is not yet ready khổng lồ let down his guard. He proves it with his latest songs, which pay homage khổng lồ the southern rap style, commonly known as “Trap”, made famous by the producer Shawty Redd and artists like Young Jeezy, Outkast, Cool Breeze or Soulja Boy. In a country that loves its pop ballads và EDM, the preferred local variety being Vina House, there remains a strong contingent of fans that seek something alternative and unconventional and Wowy is the one who has their ear. As one of the pioneers of Vietnamese Rap, he has inspired others to produce và follow in his footsteps for the last decade. Despite Rap’s new, mainstream trajectory, Wowy’s ambitions remain the same, he assures us in his office where we meet, positioned in the middle of HCMC’s thriving District 3.Interview with the Rap king Wowy, a Vietnamese rapper, proud of his heritage, who wants, above all else, to lớn promote his culture.

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Pic Wowy

Bliss Saigon: Wowy, how did you come to Rap?

Wowy: I long time ago when I was around 18 my sister told to lớn me about a tuy vậy called Vietnamese gangz from bầu Viet G và Khanh Nho. It was my first meeting with Rap. After that, mạng internet came with MTV showing Eminem, 2 Pac, Snoop, 50 & from that time to now I always learned and practiced Rap more. That’s how I came lớn rap.

BS: vị you write all your texts?

Wowy: We have a whole crew that works all day :)) Just kidding, I always write my texts. It’s hard to walk in other people shoes, you know what I mean?

Before, I was only a readerafter that, I became a rapper. Amazing!

BS: Did Rap took you khổng lồ write or were you interested before?Wowy: Before I had nothing, và suddenly Rap came in my life và it pushed me to bởi what I never did before. First, I was only a reader you know.. After that, I became a rapper. Amazing!!!

Pic Wowy

BS: vì chưng you sometimes feel that your songs are misunderstood?Wowy: We’re living in the world where everybody giới thiệu different tastes. When I talk about something, I already know that what I’m thinking does not correspond khổng lồ what you’re thinking, even if I try to lớn explain, it’s gotta be different somehow. So that makes me, you, & us all unique. I really don’t know what my audience thinks about my music, misunderstood or understood & I find it more interesting that way.

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BS: Why is it so important for you to lớn talk about society through music?

Wowy: It’s like painting…. Paint about what you see or paint about what you feel or paint about what you want lớn see & feel in the society, is a good subject. Good or bad, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s a right subject. But right now I’m thinking about changing my text because I wanna see, what I can do without talking about society.

Wowy ft SMO – TIEN – Money, music: NVM Official MV

BS: What other topics would you still lượt thích to cover in your songs?

Wowy: As I said, I’m thinking about that right now, và that’s a good question. When I’ll decide I will let you know ASAP and we can have a moment, just sit down with a coffee, smoke a cigarette together & I will tell you more about something new :))

Pic S.Dumont – Wowy

BS: Currently, you are the only Vietnamese rapper who manages to attract an older audience, an audience that has sometimes even turned its back on rap in general. How vị you explain that?Wowy: Omg noooooo – they are still young và I’m still young… we’re still young! Maybe I have some white hair và my brain goes away sometimes a little bit but we’re still young. I’ll tell you a secret: after you die, your journey continues, and you will be born again. Now you are just lượt thích a new egg. How could I explain that?

Khu Tao tuy vậy – Wowy + Karik (Official clip HD – SouthGanz 2010

I hope in the future that artists in Vietnam won’t give up…

BS: What are the obstacles facing Vietnamese RAP today?

Wowy: I think we have a lot of potential here in Vietnam, ready khổng lồ come out but it will come in time…

Pic Wowy

BS: You’ve become a public figure, is it a status that you like or a status that you want to be able to vì chưng without?

Wowy: I lượt thích it sometimes & sometimes I don’t. When I go somewhere, sometimes, I need khổng lồ be seen as a VIP – I just need it. Some normal days, when I need to be quiet & alone, I don’t lượt thích it.

What are your best artist memories?

Wowy: I was driving my scooter around, 90km/h with a friend behind and we had a race for joking with another scooter. But I hited a wall & blood was everywhere. That scooter came back & took us lớn the hospital. When I woke up people asked me excited at the emergency room if I was Wowy. “We’re your fans, they said and we love you so much, You are our idol!” 

Any projects for the future?

Wowy: Yes, a lot for the next 5 years. In the nearest future, in 2019, I want to organize “Vietnam HipHop day”, a series of events with my big brother Vietmax for ghd Hip Hop community in Vietnam. Hope Bliss can be there with me và my brothers lớn scream for Hip Hop! Moreover, I will create a lot for me & will be a soundtrack supervisor for a film joining famous international competitions. Sorry but I cannot chia sẻ more at the moment. It’s still a secret but we hope it will get prizes. Do you want khổng lồ know more? How about another meeting và cup of coffee?