In 2013, Warburg Pincus invested in Vincom Retail (Vincom), a fast-growing retail developer in Vietnam, with a nationwide network of malls to lớn capture growing Vietnamese consumer demand. Warburg Pincus co-founded Vincom as a joint venture with Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest developer, on the back of Warburg Pincus’ deep sector expertise in retail real estate và its strong conviction in the compelling long-term fundamentals of Vietnam. The transaction was the largest ever private equity investment at the time và occurred at the economic trough of the local market. Following the investment, Vincom achieved exponential growth as it grew the number of malls by over 10x to lớn control over 60% market mô tả of the modern retail in the country. Warburg Pincus worked extensively with the management team khổng lồ develop its sản phẩm prototypes, internal control processes và assisted closely in its capital raising initiatives in order to support the company’s expansion strategy. With the support of Warburg Pincus, the company successfully listed its shares on the Ho chi Minh Stock Exchange in November 2017. The total offering form size of over $740 million made it the largest ever listing in Vietnam and was a landmark transaction for the country. The Vincom IPO was awarded the “Best Private Equity Deal” in 2017 by FinanceAsia. Warburg Pincus exited Vincom in 2019.

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