And here is the new Nether update Minecraft The new Nether update is already available for all android users. In the new version of the game, you will find new mobs, new features, as well as improved gameplay.What"s new in the new Nether version, Minecraft Bedrock Edition developers of the Mojang studio have released a new update which is the fifth beta version of Minecraft BE The new version of Minecraft has received new features for the Nether world, including new mobs, mechanics, and much more.Let"s take a look at the new mobs. Thanks lớn a new update in the Minecraft world, players can see three new types of mobs. New mobs will make your exploration of the Nether world more interesting & fun. So let"s look below all types of mobs.The first mob is already known lớn many players is Piglin. These are hostile mobs that can be neutral towards the player only if the player is equipped with gold armor. These are the inhabitants of the Nether world, most often they can be found in Crimson Forest. When you drop a gold bar into it, it will exchange goods with the player.

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The next mob is Zombified Piglin. This mob is one of the subspecies of the Piglin. Many of them are also called Zombie Pigman. These mobs change their appearance after the Piglins enter the Overworld. After changing his appearance, he loses all his equipment and gets the effect of poisoning for 10 seconds.

Hoglins. These are hostile creatures that look lượt thích wild boars. They have an aggressive appearance and live only in Crimson Forest. This mob is the only source of meat in the Nether world.

The new mob that has been added khổng lồ the Nether world is Zoglin. This mob is a subspecies of such a mob as Hoglin. He changes his appearance 30 seconds after he gets into Overworld. This mob will be aggressive towards all creatures except hoglins & creepers.

And the last mob is Strider. This is a new friendly mob that has resistance lớn lava & is able lớn transport players on đứng đầu of itself (only possible if a saddle is mounted on it). Wherever there is lava in the Nether world, you will find these wonderful creatures.

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Fixes & changes in the Minecraft BE updateIn the new version of the game, the Mojang developers also made several changes to lớn the game & fixed old bugs. Of the frequent bugs, the following were fixed:1. When a player tried to open the Minecraft Market or performed some actions, the trò chơi often crashed;2. The disappearance of the potions when they were in Cauldron;3. If the player holds the interaction button for a long time, he will not be able khổng lồ reuse the fishing rod;4. Invalid search results in the inventory.