T-ara revealed the secret of how they used khổng lồ sneak out for dates on “Ask Us Anything”!

On the July 10 episode of the JTBC variety show, T-ara’s Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, and Qri all appeared together as guests, and they chatted with the cast about their days promoting as a group.

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At one point, the T-ara members mentioned that their cell phones were taken away by their manager on the day of their debut. Min Kyung Hoon then asked, “But you guys must have dated while you were promoting as a group. How did you vì that without cell phones?”

The T-ara members explained that they had helped each other sneak out of their dorm when they needed to lớn go on a date.

“When one of us said, ‘I need lớn go out today,’ we would take turns keeping a lookout,” recalled Eunjung. “After the member went out, we would make it look lượt thích she was sleeping in her bed by arranging a bunch of our bags & other stuff in the shape of a person’s body, then covering that with a blanket. There are these clip-in hair extensions that idols use, & we’d spread that out on top . Then we’d dim the lights, so the whole scene would look lượt thích she was sleeping.”

Eunjung went on, “If the manager came in, our acting was important. We’d say, ‘Oh, we’re sleeping right now, and we’re all in our pajamas—what is it?’ Then he’d say, ‘Oh, you guys are sleeping?’ .”

Hyomin chimed in, “We didn’t have anywhere lớn meet up, so we’d go on dates on the roof of our building. We’d chat for 30 minutes & then go back to our dorm.”

They hilariously added that on days when two of the members had overlapping dates, they’d play rock-paper-scissors to decide who would get the better date spot on the roof.

Later on in the episode, Eunjung brought up the fact that 10 years ago, Min Kyung Hoon had revealed on a variety show that she was his ideal type & had said he wanted khổng lồ “protect” her.

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The program then aired footage from that fateful episode of MBC’s “Quiz to lớn Change the World,” on which both Min Kyung Hoon và Eunjung appeared as guests back in 2011. After personally revealing that Eunjung was his ideal type, Min Kyung Hoon boldly declared, “I lượt thích her.”

“I’m really curious if you still feel that way,” said Eunjung. “But what I want lớn say lớn Kyung Hoon is that after seeing you on ‘Ask Us Anything,’ I feel like rather than being protected, I should be the one protecting him. So if you’re not interested in protecting me, should I protect you from now on?”

Unable lớn hide his joy, Min Kyung Hoon jokingly replied, “Hey, where was that roof you talked about earlier? I’ll go there first and wait for you.”

He then playfully turned khổng lồ his fellow cast members and pumped his fist in the air while exclaiming, “It worked out! Finally! After all these years, it worked out!”

Shortly afterwards, when Eunjung was showing off her talent of being able to write with both her left and right hands at the same time, Min Kyung Hoon adorably called out, “Can you write my name just once?”

After she had written his name, Min Kyung Hoon went up lớn the chalkboard và wrote Eunjung’s name next lớn it—then drew a heart in between their names, khổng lồ the cheers of the other T-ara members and the “Ask Us Anything” cast.