"She is at home, but she wants khổng lồ be safe & secure and back with her friends at school," her attorney says.

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NEW YORK -- A TikTok star whose father killed an armed teen who broke into their house is set khổng lồ testify against a former classmate her family says was also stalking her.Fifteen-year-old Ava Majury, originally from New Jersey, has more than 1 million followers on the social truyền thông media platform.
Majury"s family spoke out to ABC News just days ago about the moment her father shot & killed a stalker outside their Florida home."Someone came to lớn kill me. I was in fear for my family"s life, and I had to vày what I had to bởi to protect my family, và I made sure of it," Ava Majury"s father, Robert, said.Ava Majury is now preparing to testify for protection against one of her classmates who the family says also stalked her."She"s fearful, và when she went lớn school, she thought somebody was following her," Lanny Davis, legal advisor to Ava Majury, said.Majury"s attorney sat down for an exclusive interview Friday morning with ABC News before she goes to lớn court on Monday.An injunction was filed against a classmate who Majury claims not only harassed her, but also assisted the stalker who attacked her last July.The family alleges the classmate provided "personal information" about Majury, even helping the shooter plan the "crime & possibly kidnap murder" her."Monday is about Ava having a chance finally to lớn tell her story about her concerns at school, seeking protection và safety," Davis said.

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Majury says she started her TikTok page when she was 13, posting lip-syncing and dancing videos. But in early 2020, she noticed one particular follower vying for her attention."I started seeing some comments that were a bit creepy for a 13-year-old khổng lồ be getting so I had him blocked," Majury said. "Then I realized that they started coming in on different accounts."The behavior turned threatening, which is something her father says he now regrets not taking more seriously."I negated it & said, "Oh, he lives in Maryland. He"s young, probably doesn"t have a means to lớn act on any of these things,"" Robert Majury said.On the morning of July 10, 2021, the follower showed up at the Majury"s doorstep and fired his shotgun blowing mở cửa their front door."When that sound went off, we knew what it was when we heard that loud boom," Kimberly Majury, Ava"s mother, said. "I actually thought my daughter was dead."Robert, a retired North Jersey police lieutenant, says he grabbed his own gun và shot the assailant.
He has not been charged with any crime related khổng lồ the incident. Police tell ABC News that the investigation is ongoing.But even after the shooting, the Majury family says that when Ava returned to lớn school, her classmate engaged in "harassing and stalking conduct."Ava Majury left school as she feared for her safety và now does remote learning. Her attorney says she wants her life to return to normal."Right now, she is at home, but she wants to be safe và secure và back with her friends at school," Davis said.Ava Majury remains on social truyền thông media with her parents" blessing."She worked really hard at getting the crowd that she has," her mother said. "As bad as the situation is with TikTok, it"s actually a really great forum. It"s a very positive, healthy environment for her to lớn be and especially after what we just went through."ABC News has reached out to the attorney for the classmate và did not hear back.