No more film crews, No more editing, No more fuss. Now anyone can make high quality videos on a budget using this simple & innovative cloud solution.

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" is a fantastic promotional tool and really straightforward lớn use. I can create fully branded, accessible videos in less than 5 minutes!"

Hazel Burton, Cisco


"Thank you again for creating this awesome tool because we have been using it lớn gather video reviews & it"s been extremely helpful in our quest to bởi vì that. Implementation and learning how to use the tool overall was a breeze."

Kaylin Gilkey, Senior Technical SEO Manager, TrustRadius


" is much cheaper & faster than traditional đoạn clip production, và this has enabled event đoạn phim to be a reality for us for the majority of our events, even the smaller ones."

David Stringer-Lamarre, Chairman, IoD London Region


"For Global Entrepreneurship Week - we invited entrepreneurs from around the world to lớn tell their stories as videos. It was simple for participants lớn use và easy for us khổng lồ manage."

Marc Ortmans, Chair, Global Entrepreneurship Network UK

" was a great addition to our awards. We managed khổng lồ make over 100 videos, automatically, showcasing our nominees và their businesses."

Francesca James, Founder, Great British Entrepreneur Awards

" allows us to lớn make branded videos really easily, from player interviews khổng lồ club updates. It saves us so much time and money."

Neil Richards, Director of Football, Ascot United

"Send a URL, record your video, upload it & that’s all! It’s all nicely formatted for you. What a great idea!"

John Attridge, Founder và CEO, BBX

"We"re very excited about our association with, but most importantly, so are our guests."

Malcolm Gallagher, Director, BizVision

" performed really well và was a welcome addition khổng lồ the Broadcast Awards."

Conor Dignam CEO truyền thông media Business Insight

" added considerable value for us và our sponsors and at a low cost. What I really liked about was the immediacy và spontaneity of the branded postings. I"d definitely want khổng lồ work with for our next event."

James Bennett, Publisher, Televisual

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" has enabled all our global partners to lớn make videos promoting our worldwide events."

David Brock, Founder, Your Partnerships

" is a great platform to use for both our marketing team and our clients. It is incredibly easy to lớn use, create content, and post directly to lớn our social truyền thông accounts. We are so happy with the results, it makes getting nội dung out to our network so much quicker!"

Elle Bradbury, International Franchise Show