Plot kicks off when the rich, charming and perpetually unbothered Cha Wookyung returns to Seoul from his commitments ab...


I was dissatisfied with this story and how it handled development for Minho and Wookyung so I’ve written a full-length, ongoing bl fanfic specifically for them to hopefully do their characters some justice. Yes, with backstories, depth, ambitions, flaws, families, past, future and definite arcs.

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It’s called ALL BARK NO BITE and it’s on Wattpad under tags for fanfiction, sadistic beauty and bdsm. This is my first fic and I’ve really given it my all. 30 chapters have already been published and many more are coming. If you wish to read it or just explore a different plotline then you can check it out. My username is

(Warning;- 18+ content)

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Caitlyn, yawning: hello darling, how would you like your coffee?

Vi, grumbling: as dark and bitter as my soul

Caitlyn, nodding: alright, one glass of milk coming right up!

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Jinx Case Study: Why you can empathise/sympathise with her but not defend her


(Arcane spoilers ahead, please proceed with caution ⚠️)


I just want to start by saying I ADORE Arcane and have fallen for every character from Vi, Caitlyn, Vander Ekko, Jinx, Silco, Sevika to Jayce, Victor, Mel, Heimerdinger even the more minor characters like Ambessa (and Howl lol) and Cassandra. Everyone is so beautifully written in whatever capacity they appear that I, for one, am invested in all of them.

That said, I have a gripe against views that defend Jinx. Jinx makes for a beautiful, grey, highly pivotal character and I have several views on her based on the plot and writing itself that refute that Jinx was entirely a victim of her circumstances. I would start by admitting that different people have different mental resilience and different degrees of being grounded in their values. In the first ep of Act I itself, we see that little Violet and Powder are facing their dead parents, Violet looking deeply affected as Powder stands without expression, looking up to her sister to understand how to react to the heavily traumatic event.

Now here we can say two things, one is that Powder may not know how to react to it at all, she’s too young to fathom death and doesn’t understand the gravity of what she’s seeing or, Powder feels exactly what Violet feels, she feels the sense of loss, dread and horror, but the shock of the sight has stunted her reaction and she’s unable to feel anything because her mind has shut down, afraid of the flood of emotions she is feeling in that moment. Now, this is where the difference between Violet and Powder’s mental capacities come to differ. Violet can feel her emotions, exercise them in terms of action or expression and then eventually process them and not be controlled by them. Powder, on the other hand, feels too deeply to be able to efficiently control her feelings, and when her feelings do boil over, they begin to guide her completely.

This can also be attributed to the fact that Violet was older, which doesn’t make her automatically mentally stronger but means she has, by virtue of time, received a good foundation for understanding and processing her emotions. This can be for many reasons, she spent more time with their parents, in a peaceful familial environment, receiving love and attention, where she was tended to and her feelings were validated and understood by her caregivers or maybe she’s just more hardy that way. But we can definitely wager that whatever Violet got from her parents, Powder got less of owing to their death.

Now, this puts them in an imbalance. Violet is self-focused, more resilient, able to tell right from wrong, able to have the mental strength to stand by her resolve, she still is a child, however, in Act I, she has a tendency of physically dealing with her problems even when fighting isn’t the best solution, that and running away (extreme fight or flight), something she indirectly learnt BECAUSE she’s a child, she’s imprinted on Vander and his teachings (biggest being fighting since that’s how he’s survived the Undercity for so long) AS A CHILD. Now Powder has always had different needs from Violet, she is seen to need a lot more of verbal assurance, company and care, her talents lie outside of fighting, in engineering and marksmanship.

She’s emotionally needy (which is understandable as she’s younger) and when she’s unable to receive it from Vander, she turns to Violet. And she hasn’t just turned to Violet, she has ATTACHED herself to Violet. Act I literally has her have a panic attack just from being left behind by Violet so needless to say, a lot of how Powder turns out depended on Vi, who, don’t forget, is also a child so to expect her to always have a perfect parental response to whatever Powder does is stupid. The plot, people and Jinx herself claim that Violet “made her into the monster she’s become” but I strongly disagree. Powder has been innocent so far in Act I, up till the point she sets off the monkey bomb to save her family. It was a wrong move to have a) left her lodging after Vi told her not to and b) tinkering with something she didn’t know too well about (hence the overloaded hex crystals)

It went bad, it killed most of her family and when Violet asked her if she did it and Powder confirmed it, she did what she knew to do, physically lash out at the cause of the problem, which, at that moment, Powder stood for. The person who singlehandedly killed her family. Violet, despite being in great grief let herself get angry over what had happened, she felt *something* as opposed to Powder who really couldn’t fathom the damage she had done, being a child having the same trauma response she did when she saw her dead parents, her mind taking all the pain and locking it out instead of processing it or letting her face up to it lest she goes crazy which she did either way. Violet didn’t have a breakdown, she didn’t swear to blame Powder for life, for being disobedient, for knowing less, for taking away the only thing she knew in terms of family.

She saw that innocence in Powder as well and backed off, she “fled” (her other learnt response) for a few moments, resentful of her (wrong) actions and had all intentions to return to Powder who is also her family. But as we know, Marcus intercepted her and Silco got to Powder first. Now here is where choices have started being given. Any average child, with an average mind and an average upbringing, wouldn’t immediately turn to the dark side even if they initially find comfort in it. There are certain “learnt” responses, values that endure even in the smallest children. Powder knew goodness through Violet and Vander and for much longer than she knew Silco.

But the moment Violet “left” for Powder, she again went into the panic of being abandoned, her lack of mental resilience made her fearful of the consequences of being on her own or being unloved/unaccepted, so to counter that fear, she simply latched onto the next parental figure she could find. Which was Silco, unfortunately. She undid years of learning and knowing Violet and Vander’s goodness, and imbibed Silco’s ideals because for Jinx, being accepted and affirmed has always been more important than doing the right thing. And that’s how she remained in the years following her being adopted by Silco as she committed murders, thefts, various acts of terrorism, helping run Silco’s drug empire basically.

It was all so that she’d have someone who would love and accept her. When Silco said “We’ll show them all” Jinx also resolved to “show” her sister down just because she believed she gave up on/thought less of her as opposed to Violet who didn’t lose faith in Powder even after she killed their family and till Act III even when Jinx threatened to have served Violet Caitlyn’s head on a platter, she still stopped Caitlyn from shooting her down because she. Never. Lost. Faith. In. Her. This makes me wonder how much of Jinx was herself and how much Silco. If Powder had refused to work as a henchman or participate in his business proceedings, would Silco have idealised her as much or loved her as much since one of the reasons he loved her was because he saw so much of himself in her, as the “abandoned one” when Powder wasn’t really abandoned? He accused Violet of not accepting Jinx, would he have accepted Powder? As the innocent girl she was who wanted nothing to do with the man who killed her family?

Which brings us back to what I started with, Violet has always had the resolve to not give up no matter what, no matter what it takes, she stands up after she’s been obliterated in a fight, she holds out on her sister even after everyone can see she’s far gone meanwhile Jinx has just made her choice for revenge, for chaos, bloody war and inflicting pain on others, even in her fight with Ekko, she gave up and was ready to take herself out along with him. At that moment, she gave up on both of them. The boy she knew her whole childhood faded away for her and in ep 9 Act III, she gave up on Vi too meanwhile both Ekko and Violet never gave up on the Powder they knew. The Powder Jinx gave up on in the season finale.

Ekko saw Benzo, his father figure die, his neighbourhood being transformed into something gnarly and unfamiliar, his friends and comrades being brutally killed by Jinx and Silco’s men. Violet was imprisoned on no charges for 8 years and was beaten up regularly just to be put in her place as she lived in guilt for what she’d done. They were no less broken than Jinx and I don’t say this to compare their trauma but to say that there’s always a choice and Jinx constantly made the worst ones. Ekko could’ve ran a drug cartel parallel to Silco to put up a fight, Vi could’ve wreaked havoc the moment she was released from prison but no, Ekko created a safe world for Zaunites, especially the children, to give them another chance outside of the drugged-out streets.

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Violet wanted peace between Piltover and Zaun, falling for a Piltovian despite her being an enforcer, representing what took her parents from her, hell, she doesn’t even kill Sevika because Violet doesn’t fight to kill. The same way Caitlyn doesn’t shoot to kill. This lies in contrast with Jinx blowing the council up because Silco got what was coming to him (sorry, I can explain that more if you want but long story short, twisting the narrative, enabling, projecting onto and feeding into your adoptive daughter’s worst fears, trying to kill her sister she clearly cares a lot about isn’t gonna fly). And no, I don’t accept any defenses based on mental health because that’s offensive to those with mental illnesses.

Having mental issues doesn’t naturally make you evil or dark-sided, like being a psychopath doesn’t make you a serial killer, that’s a stupid assumption to use just to defend a villain you like. The show itself highlights it when Victor says that “There’s always a choice” and he’s absolutely right. There is always a journey in regards to trauma and it always ends with “so what are you going to do about it?”. Are you going to be better for it, to nip it in the bud or do you want to unleash it on those around you, make it someone else’s problem? Such things don’t hold up in explanation, a criminal is a criminal, like a r*pist is a r*pist and the question is “is your trauma worth the victim’s life or suffering?”. No, it’s not. Never will be. You could’ve been through hell but it is still your call to put someone else through it. That individual choice makes you who you are.

That said, I also acknowledge that Jinx can possibly make the right choices in the future if she ever decides to stand for peace or try and do the right thing. You are always one choice away from doing good but yes, that will not nullify the harm she’s caused so far. Excited for season 2 of Arcane :)