V.Sik YouTube channel founder, MC, and club owner Callous Tran borrowed Serif Space to shoot a special edition of the V.Sik talks show that he hosts. For the show, Vietnamese rapper Wowy Nguyen invited over five Vietnamese rap all stars—Ricky Star, Usagi, Smo, Dat Maniac, & Wean Le, và also producer NVM.

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NVM, Ricky Star, Callous Tran, Wowy, and Smo sit down khổng lồ talk about Vietnamese rap for V.Sik.“Vietnamese rap in the south feels splintered—everyone’s busy doing their own thing and there’s not many events lượt thích this where we can connect and show each other support,” Wowy says sitting down. “But the scene is growing,” he adds. “I still remember the days when we’d sit on the street & put on some music or freestyle in Circle K,” Callous Tran says, “things are changing.”

July was a good example of the growth in Vietnamese rap. Suboi released her long-awaited “N-Sao?” & Binz and Triple D dropped “NTDVH”. And a young Vietnamese rapper crossed-over into film. Wean Le starred in “Trường học tập Bá Vương” (School of Success) that premiered at the start of August and the soundtrack features his NVM-produced track, “Me.

So, after finishing the shoot for this special episode of the V.Sik talks series we got Wowy Nguyen to tell us about the five Vietnamese rap all stars that he’s invited over.

The full all-star crew with Usagi, NVM, Ricky Star, Callous Tran, Wowy Nguyen, Smo, Dat Maniac, & Wean Le.

Wowy Nguyen presents his Vietnamese rap all stars


Smo was a hip-hop DJ in his hometown of Buon Ma Thuot. He met Wowy on his tour, they “got drunk & talked about rap” and now they’ve made an album together.Wowy met Smo in the rapper’s hometown of Buon Ma Thuot while on tour. “Then a friend played me one of his tracks và his voice really impressed me,” Wowy remembers. “We did a tuy nhiên together, “Theo Tao Ra Ngoai kia Song,” and became friends.”

“I was a hip-hop DJ at the time,” Smo says, “and after his show we got drunk and talked about rap.” Smo left Buon Ma Thuot và moved to Saigon to pursue his career in music. Usually in his videos he’s staggering through Saigon’s “Little Tokyo” or stepping into the club. But in the đoạn phim for “ITSANEWDAY,” he’s back home in Vietnam’s Central Highlands riding elephants và swimming in pristine lakes.

Last weekend, Wowy và Smo also finished the shoot for the đoạn phim for “Money.” They filmed it in a studio in rã Binh called GBox and at locations around town like Dominic Saint Paul’s shoe siêu thị on Dong Du. The shoot mostly went to lớn plan, “except we were doing a scene in a car and we didn’t realize the road had speed bumps which ruined the shot,” Wowy laughs.

The Buon Ma Thuot-born rapper also has a track, called “Lam Them,” that’s featuring on the HBO show “Here và Now.” and a new album coming out, KSS, featuring Wowy. They plan to tour together this year starting in Buon Ma Thuot and finishing with a show at Hong Kong music festival Clockenflap in November. “It’s a work in progress,” Wowy smiles.

Ricky Star

“I bought this old mixer & a broken microphone và fixed them up. At the time it felt so professional.” — Ricky Star.“I started rapping when I was 16,” Ricky remembers, “and I joined my crew ‘C Town Dream’ the same year.” The Can Tho rapper, who is now twenty-three, put together his first studio for five dollars. “I bought this old mixer and a broken microphone & fixed them up. At the time it felt so professional,” he laughs.

To understand the ascent of Vietnamese rap from rhyming over bedroom beats khổng lồ big-budget shoots watch Ricky Star’s low-cost karaoke-video tribute “Lý Cây Bông” released in 2013 or his early freestyle videos. Then compare them to the glossy pop video clip for the Superbrothers track “Doc Than” featuring Chau Dang Kho that Ricky drops a couple of guest verses on too.

Ricky and Pjpo shot the “Lý Cây Bông” video in Vinh Long. It cost two hundred dollars lớn make. “Three-quarters of that went on stuff lớn smoke & food,” Ricky remembers. The Superbrothers music video clip for “Độc Thân” had a VND 200 million budget. The rapper didn’t know the size of the project when he agreed to bởi it, “I wrote those two verses in ten minutes…me and Khao couldn’t even remember our lines during the shoot.”

“Lý Cây Bông’ is my favorite Ricky Star track. The way he brought Mekong culture into Vietnamese rap makes me proud to be Vietnamese…” Wowy smiles. “I first met Ricky and Pjpo, who he raps with, at a show in Long Xuyen. He’s one of the most talented rappers in Vietnam, & he’s typically south-western Vietnamese—funny, energetic, talkative, and honest.”

Halfway through the show, Ricky Star has to leave. Even though it’s Sunday the rapper is late for a session. He’s recording a new track, “Beautiful Vampire,” that’ll be không lấy phí to fans. “We wouldn’t be here without them,” Ricky says as he heads off to lớn the studio.


Usagi with Callous Tran. Usagi recorded the theme tuy nhiên for Ginza Club, “Red Lanterns.”Usagi is the youngest at the table. The eighteen-year-old rapper’s part of Callous Tran’s Shizzle United crew. He also recorded the theme song, “Red Lantern,” for the crew’s Ginza club released on Shizzle Records. Usagi’s been scouting more talent for the label to địa chỉ to upcoming releases by artists like No Luck và JustZen, and tracks like “Come Closer to lớn Me Girl” by Klaw. & they’ve opened a second club, Southside, “a shrine khổng lồ hip-hop culture in Vietnam,” & Ginza coffee, a Japanese-themed cafe.“‘Red Lantern’ took months lớn record,” Usagi remembers, “the crew kept pushing me to lớn perfect my flow.”

“He’s young but talented. He can produce, rap in English, make videos, take photographs,” Wowy says about Usagi who he’s meeting for the first time. “Who knows if he can vì chưng all that successfully? Maybe he should focus on one. But nothing is impossible. If he fails, he can start all over again. As long as he doesn’t give it up,” Wowy advises.

Wean Le

“I used to freestyle with my homies but I realized that if just kept freestyling I’d be treading water, so I started khổng lồ write songs.” — Wean Le.Green-haired Wean Le has a style that’s more punk than hip hop. Wowy calls him a fashionista. He started rapping at 16 in quang Nai—his hometown. “I used to freestyle with my homies,” Wean tells us, “but I realized that if just kept freestyling I’d be treading water, so I started khổng lồ write songs.” The scene in quang Nai is small and it’s “mostly made up of breakdancers with hardly any rappers.” & so Wean Le moved lớn Saigon two years ago and started the clothing brand Lazythink.

Wean’s also about to lớn star in a film. In a few days time, his first feature, “Trường học tập Bá Vương” (School of Success), will premiere featuring his track “Me” on the OST.

He’s another rapper Wowy met on tour—this time in Wean Le’s hometown. “I still remember our first conversation,” Wowy says. “We visited a pagoda in Quang ngai rồng together. Wean was standing in front of a tree for a while. Then he looked at me & said, ‘The seed of life.’ At that moment I knew he was a real artist.”

So far, besides his song on the soundtrack of “Trường học tập Bá Vương,” Wean’s had guest verses on tracks lượt thích G.O.S.S.’s “New G, & there’s some live videos circulating too.

Dat Maniac

G-Family’s Dat Maniac is a distinctive voice in Vietnamese rap. The Vietnamese rapper first got attention for his fast-paced flow in videos he posted online.G-Family’s Dat Maniac is a distinctive voice in Vietnamese rap. Dat first got attention for his fast-paced flow in viral videos posted in 2013. Listening lớn “Mấy bé mèo” (Those cats) you can understand the comparisons lớn US rappers lượt thích Eminem & Twista—especially when Dat Maniac switches lớn double-time rapping—but his voice is uniquely Vietnamese. “It’s his own style,” Wowy shrugs. “He’s got a vision & he won’t stop fighting till he achieves it. I respect him a lot.”

The twenty-seven-year-old rapper is a regular live performer—lots of his tracks have been fine-tuned in freestyles and first aired on stage. He’s collaborated with other artists lượt thích Hazard Clique Cam’s side project, Cam và Next Door Stories. He’s featured on talent shows with the rest of the G-Family. & he’s been interviewed in the chair at Liem’s barbers.

Dat Maniac’s lyrics dig into betrayal, relationships, and day-to-day struggles lượt thích on “Ở lại phía trên với con” (Stay here with your children). “On songs like that he gets into character & expresses genuine feelings…he’s got authentic stories lớn tell,” Wowy adds.

In June, he released the track “Ngày Nào,” a collaboration with indie band Cá Hồi Hoang. Then in July, he dropped “3:1.” It shows where Dat’s at right now. On “3:1” he turns a light piano & sax inflected beat into a rich story about surviving hard times through rap with tư vấn from his mom. “His mom is a legend. She’s always supported him,” Wowy says.

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Wowy wrapping up the show with a freestyle: “I hope one day Vietnamese rap gets way bigger than this one table.”The show’s over và Wowy’s going back lớn his studio. “I hope one day Vietnamese rap gets way bigger than this one table,” he says walking out và back down the Serif Space stairs.

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