Luong Tung quang quẻ (1971- ) is an overseas Vietnamese singer. Born as Luong quang đãng Truong Chinh in Saigon, South Vietnam, he is the youngest in a family of four boys. One year after graduating from the prestigious Petrus Ky High School in Saigon, he along with his mother và one older brother were able to lớn relocate to lớn Perth, australia where they would be reunited with one of his older brothers who had resettled there since 1980. His one older brother who had chosen lớn remain in Vietnam, unfortunately had passed away in 1995. To many of his fans today, Luong Tung quang đãng had first gained prominence as a recording artist forVan Son Entertainment back in 1998. From his debut music video clip appearance with his rendition of Nuoc Mat (Cry)featuredon volume 10 of Van Son Entertainment"s Nu Cuoi & Nu Cuoi series, he exploded onto the overseas Vietnamese music scene mesmerizing viewer audiences with his good looks, charm and vocal talents. In the two years that followed, Luong Tung quang would become the most popular male music artist on the Van Son Entertainment series scoring a handful of hit songs like Cuoc Tinh Danh Mat, a cover of a Chinese love tuy vậy with Vietnamese lyrics he had written himself, Neu da Yeu, Cuoc Tinh Cay Dang, Cuoc Tinh Doi Gianand Sao Van nhỏ Yeu. In addition, he had also recorded several well-received duets with fellow label mate, Tam Doan, for Van Son Entertainment which included Khuc Nhac Duoi Trang and Vi Dau Yeu ngay lập tức Xua.

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Prior to lớn his association with Van Son Entertainment, Luong Tung quang quẻ had began his professional singing career back in Perth, australia during the early 1990s as the lead male singer for a local Vietnamese band called Hy Vong
. While in Australia, he had managed to gain a sizable following of fans within the overseas Vietnamese community resettled there và was then known by the stage name, Tung Quang.
In 2001, after two years as an exclusive artist signed with Van Son Entertainment, Luong Tung quang was then offered a contract with Thuy Nga Paris
, the largest & most prolific overseas Vietnamese music production label. He has since appeared in a total of 38 volumes of the popular Paris By Nightmusic video series produced by Thuy Nga Paris, beginning with his performance ofTrai Tim Ran Vo written by Quoc Hung onvolume 61 that was filmed in Paris, France. Luong Tung quang quẻ has enjoyed one of the longest professional collaborations with the Thuy Nga Paris music production label which has continued lớn this day. Under the Thuy Nga Paris label, he has recorded numerous duets, as well as appeared on music videos, with other đứng top artists like Tu Quyen, Minh Tuyet, Don Ho, Thuy Tien, Nhu Loan, Ho Le Thu and Bao Han.

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For almost two decades, his immense popularity has taken him to all four corners of the world performing at sold-out live concert shows and has turned Luong Tung quang quẻ into one of the most recognizable Vietnamese male singers worldwide.
Luong Tung quang quẻ and Nhu Loan showing offtheir fit bodies in a publicity photo
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