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The KoCoS technology Group is a group of companies with a global presence which develops, manufactures và sells measuring & test systems for equipment in electricity supply systems & laser-optical inspection systems for chất lượng monitoring.

glaskragujevca.net Corp is the exclusive representative of KoCos Messtechnik AG và KoCoS Polska Sp.z.o.oon the territory of VietNam. We focus on some products such as:

Protection relay testing

Circuit breaker testing

Resistance measurement

KoCos profile

KoCoS Messtechnik AG and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture & sell measuring & test systems for equipment in electricity supply systems & laser-optical inspection systems for chất lượng monitoring in the semi-conductor, automotive và food industries. We established in 1988 year with more than 25 years of experience in the field of measurement and test technology.

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Our products enjoy an excellent reputation & meet the most stringent of quality standards. One of the cornerstones of our company philosophy is the strict implementation of the unique management system to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. It is our intention lớn constantly improve our products and processes.

1. Protection relay testing = ARTES

ARTES 460 II and ARTES 600test systems are used lớn carry out function tests và tests of configured starting and tripping characteristics, including any automatic reclosing functions of protection devices such as:

- Distance protection relays

- Differential protection relays

- DT/IDMT relays

- Voltage relays, frequency relays

They can also be used to test and calibrate power, voltage, current & frequency converters.

2. Circuit breaker testing = ACTAS

Portable & stationary demo systemsfor performingfully automatic function tests on all types of switchgear devices,including the drive units of switch bays.

ACTAS P260 và ACTAS P360are flexible and compact demo systems for carrying out tests on medium-, high- and extra-high-voltage switchgear.

- Operation and evaluation via 7" touch screen

- PIR & main liên hệ measurement on up khổng lồ 12 main liên hệ chambers

- Static/dynamic resistance determination on up lớn 6 main tương tác chambers with PROMET SE

ACTAS BTTis a battery-operated, hand-held measuring device which can determine operating times, liên hệ synchronicity, sequence time & coil currents extremely quickly and easily. Battery operation for up to lớn 12 hours. Công nghệ bluetooth không dây incl. Remote control function for Android.

ACTAS L260 is high-precision demo system for function tests on various types of switchgear device, including circuit breakers, disconnectors or earthing switches, regardless of the type of drive unit.

The inputs và outputs are connected flexibly via a terminal strip, making the test system particularly suitable for use in development and laboratory environments as well as in production environments.

The 19" housing allows both stand-alone operation and installation in a system cabinet.

All the electrical & mechanical parameters needed for the assessment of switching performance are measured in real time without either the main tương tác chamber or the drive unit having khổng lồ be opened. Inputs are provided for measuring analog, incremental & binary signals. The 14 measurement channels on the main and auxiliary tương tác cards allow simultaneous measurement on 8 auxiliary contacts, 6 resistive và 6 main.

3.1 PROMET L100 High-accuracy micro-ohm meter for ohmic and inductive loads

PROMET L100 is a compact, battery-operated, high-precision measuring device for determining winding and tương tác resistances in the μΩ lớn Ω range. The use of four-wire measuring technology & high chạy thử currents of up khổng lồ 100 A enable PROMET L100 khổng lồ meet the most stringent accuracy requirements. PROMET L100 can also be used to lớn determine the winding resistances of transformers, motors và instrument transformers.


PROMET L10 is a compact, battery-operated micro-ohm meter for ohmic & inductive loads. The use of four-wire measuring technology và high thử nghiệm currents of up to lớn 10 A enable PROMET L10 to lớn meet the most stringent accuracy requirements when determining resistances in the μΩ lớn kΩ range.

Because PROMET L10 can carry out measurements on inductive loads, it can also be used lớn determine the winding resistances of transformers, motors and instrument transformers.Not only does the device provide high functionality, its light weight of just 0.6 kg, rechargeable batteries và operation via app android app also make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

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3.3 PROMET SE - High-accuracy, compact micro-ohm meter

PROMET SE is a compact, battery-operated ohm meter with an adjustable chạy thử current of up lớn 200 A. Two current outputs và two voltage measurement inputs allow the resistance khổng lồ be determined at two measurement points simultaneously.Flexible handling with battery operation và the high functionality and precision which are characteristic of the popular PROMET product range make this universal micro-ohm meter particularly suitable for portable use in switching stations or industrial environments.