South Korean singer Jang Jae In (장재인) posted a shocking revelation claiming she was a victim of sexual assault in the past.

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The 29-year-old songstress took to lớn her Instagram yesterday (Tuesday, 22nd September) lớn detail her experience in handling her trauma as well as dealing with her health issues after that.

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“It took me 11 years long lớn bring this up. I started working on this album after that incident. A year after that, I received a gọi from the police, informing me that they’ve caught the perpetrator. The person who did that to lớn me turned out to be a man who is the same age as me. I was 19 (Korean age) at that time” shared the singer.

She continued by revealing that the culprit had been a victim of bullying. According lớn Jae In, he was coerced by a group of people into assaulting her. “One winter, I was just passing by, và they saw me. Apparently, they promised him that if he did that lớn me, they wouldn’t bother him,” recalled Jae In.

“This was hard khổng lồ hear because if he was a victim, then what the hell am I? What have I been through? Just the thought of it is already heartbreaking. I think it would’ve been great if someone had told me that it wasn’t my fault,” the ex-girlfriend to lớn former WINNER member, phái nam Tae Hyun, added.



The “Superstar K2” alum also opened up about struggling from extreme anxiety, seizures, shortness of breath, insomnia và anorexia. Jae In said, “My health improved after undergoing therapy. I’m celebrating the over of the recording of such an old album today, và I would like to giới thiệu my stories so other victims who have been suffering won’t feel lonely.”

In her subsequent updates on her Instagram Story, Jae In commented that she initially felt anxious after sharing her dark past. “But after reading all the uplifting comments left by all of you, I managed to calm myself down. I’m really thankful for that,” wrote the “Venus” songbird. She also assured her fans that she’s been coping well with her life after her previous struggles.

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We know you are strong, girl! Hopefully we will hear more from this talented lady in the future.