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Hwang bỏ ra Yeul (황치열) is a Korean singer that debuted in 2007 with digital single đưa ra Yeul & a full-length studio album, Five Senses.

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Stage Name: Hwang chi YeulBirth Name: Hwang bỏ ra Yeul (황치열)Birthday: December 3, 1982Zodiac Sign: SagittariusBirth Place: Gumi, North Gyeongsang, South KoreaHeight: 180cm (5’11”)Weight: 70kg (154lb)Blood Type: BSpecialty: Vocal Trainer, Dance (B-boy Dance Group “Swing”)Instagram: 

Hwang chi Yeul Facts:-His father was an engineer và his mother a teacher.-He is the youngest out of three children.-Hwang đưa ra Yeul was a contestant on “Immortal Singer 2” he placed 3 in the finals.-Chi-yeul. Love (致列·愛) was his first releases Chinese album.-On 13 June 2017, his first mini album, Be Ordinary was released & it led him khổng lồ be the best selling solo artist in the first half of the year.-In April of 2018 he released his second mini album called Be Myself.-He appeared on various TV và radio shows for about one year after his debut.-He went MIA since his previous management company closed the business due to financial difficulties.-He’s currently under How Entertainment.-Hwang had a lot of part-time jobs in his twenties.-He taught at music schools as a vocal coach for a living until late năm trước working with idol groups such as INFINITE & Lovelyz.-March of năm ngoái he appeared on Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice”.-He was appointed as “Tourism Ambassador for Peace of Gangwon Province”, “Korea Tourism Honorary Ambassador”, “Honorary Ambassador for the North Gyeongsang Province” & “Honorary Ambassador of Korea Airport Railroad (AREX).-He was a mentor on “The Unit” (Idol Rebooting Program)

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I love him, he"s my ultimate bias I lượt thích him, he"s ok I think he"s overrated