Created at Harvard University in 1982 & refined over the next 38 years by a team of physicists, psychologists, & data scientists, the PATH Assessment is a mathematical mã sản phẩm that can predict an employee’s productivity và longevity with a few short questions.

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How? By identifying a person’s Purpose, Approach, Thinking, và Habits when it comes to work. It’s so comprehensive that there’s less than a 1-in-1 billion chance of getting the same results as someone else.


What if you could quickly discern which people would be the happiest and most productive at your company? can. Our machine-learning technology and assessment tools are proven to lớn reduce time and cost lớn hire, lower churn rates, & improve employee productivity. Our AI platform efficiently searches for culture fits & effortlessly mitigates bias to lớn hire và promote for Diversity & Inclusion.

You know that feeling in your gut when you find out you’ve hired the wrong person.

While the US Department of Labor estimates that a bad hire costs about a third of their annual salary, SHRM reports that it can soar khổng lồ as much as five times their salary.

But hard costs aren’t the only thing at stake. Lớn get that next hire, you’ve got to find 6-10 more people to lớn interview, which means 25 more people to lớn strongly consider, which means 100+ more resumes. You’ve got to lớn onboard them, train them, và introduce them to lớn the team. How many more Zoom calls does that mean? can guarantee that you’ll hire the right employee, & you’ll bởi it faster & cheaper.

Our algorithm instantly scores & ranks all candidate matches based on their qualifications, their preferences, và their PATH Assessment results.

You may never have to đánh giá another resume again.

Three ways companies use

Effortlessly vet your candidates to quickly spot the best fits. will evaluate them based on their qualifications, their preferences, & their PATH.


Effectively deploy your resources by matching your current employees with career paths and opportunities.

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Let find new candidates for you & deliver people who are qualified, vetted, & interested.