"Finding out about my Enneagram type was like meeting that one person that makes you feel lượt thích someone finally understands you. I wish I had known about it sooner!"

"Wow! I am absolutely blown away about how accurate this personality chạy thử was. I was constantly reading through my profile & thinking, ‘OMG, that is so me.’"


This personality thử nghiệm is based on the Enneagram personality typology. The Enneagram is an amazing tool to help people understand themselves and others better. The kiểm tra will give you a first hint towards which of the 9 Enneagram personalities fits you best.

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We"ve built the first fully dynamic Enneagram chạy thử that significantly reduces the number of questions while still being as accurate as possible. Depending on your answers, you will answer between 45 lớn 93 questions. Which is, on average, between 30%-50% faster than other comparable Enneagram tests you find online. It will take you between 9 và 15 minutes, but for most of our users, our data say it takes them less than 12 minutes.

But in case your fear is that it’s not long enough: Rest assured, there is no time limit. You can take as long as you want.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Your detailed thử nghiệm result with percentages that give you the likelihood of each of the 9 personality typesA comprehensive overview of your most likely Enneagram typeAn option lớn unlock the Premium Profile of your most likely type lớn discover you personality in full detail

On a less material level, you get to lớn discover the chất lượng perspective of how you see the world, & begin to better understand why you think, feel & behave the way you do.

No catch at all. Our dream is that every person gets the chance to lớn discover who they really are và become their healthiest self. That’s why we offer most of our material for không tính phí – also this Enneagram test. However you can support us by purchasing one of our Premium Profiles.

Currently, our personality demo is about 85-90% accurate. We have researched it together with top experts in the field who have used & pioneered the Enneagram for decades. To lớn ensure it is accurate and reliable we have put the best available research và technology together in an adaptive and flexible testing system.But it doesn’t stop there. We are using the data of our test to constantly improve & refine it, meaning it just gets more accurate the more people take it.There’s just one thing, và we want lớn be transparent about this: Any Enneagram test, no matter what it promises you, can never reach 100% accuracy. Why? Because it is trying to lớn assess your inner world. & that depends on how well you know yourself and how mở cửa and honest you are about it. No chạy thử in the world can measure for that.

There is no such thing as an „official“ Enneagram test. There are a lot of tests out there, some of which are good, some not so much. A good kiểm tra will measure which of the 9 Enneagram types is your dominant type with an accuracy of 80%-90%, which is what we can say with confidence our test does very consistently – while being short và quick.

Since no Enneagram kiểm tra can be 100% accurate, you should always take your result with a grain of salt. Consider it more as a hint towards your dominant type than a definitive assessment.

On đứng đầu of that, we realized that two things help a lot of people lớn get a more accurate & consistent demo result: First, when taking the test, think about your life in broad terms. Don’t confine yourself to your work environment or your family life, but be as general as possible. Secondly, think of yourself how you have been behaving in your early twenties, rather than how you behave now.

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One last thing: The whole topic of discovering your Enneagram type is much more interesting and complex than just one test. That’s why we have put all resources và tips into a comprehensive guide on how khổng lồ be sure.