If writers và music pundits decide lớn create a book about the the history of hip-hop / rap music, it should include a long chapter about feuds / beefs or rap diss tracks because these aspects are essential parts of the hip hop / rap culture.

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Alright, first & foremost before you get lớn the main list, there are certain factors analyst put in the forefront in order for them lớn upvote or to lớn praise a certain diss track, what they consider as factors that made these tracks classic songs.

What made these diss songs classic ones

The writers played around with the emotions of their targets (Emotionalization)

It"s not about showing your target how successful you are or how much you earn annually, its about dealing with their emotions. What made Pusha T's "The Story Of Adidon" an undeniable classic? It"s because he drifted away from talking about success or showing off his richies và chose to giảm giá khuyến mãi with Drake's emotions by exposing hidden secrets to the world.

Secret Exposition

This is the only way used by most rappers who get themselves into a beef, to lớn overtake their targets & win the battle. Exposing someone's secret life is a psychological misuse of his / her emotions & therefore, influencing their behavior (as mentioned in the last paragraph)

What Impact will the track have on the writers career as well as their targets.

This is the most essential concept when it comes khổng lồ beefs. A diss should incite a positive impact khổng lồ the writer's career or his / her next project. It should also negatively affect his target.

It should be able lớn change the listener's perspective

One Essential thing that made these tracks classics: it changed the listener's perspective on how they viewed artists who were being dissed.

These are the best rap diss tracks that deserves to lớn be included rap history books.


2PAC - 'HIT 'M UP'

Target - Notorious B.I.G., Jnr Mafia, The East CoastThe feud or competition, what ever it was, between the East Coast và West Coast rappers back in the 80s and 90s is analogous to the world War 1 & world War 2 situation.An insignificant thing or a petty issue was good enough khổng lồ trigger war, thus, death . As an example, the beef 2Pac had with the Notorious B.I.G2Pac decided lớn stand up and go against Biggie & his colleagues (Jnr Mafia, Diddy etc) after Pac was shot by an unknown group of people, who were believed to be B.I.G & his colleagues. He released one of the most offensive rap diss tracks in history, 'Hit Em Up'

ICE CUBE - 'No Vaseline'

Target - NWAThe feud between Ice Cube and His bandmates 'N.W.A' was induced by their manager Jerry Heller. It was all about the paper work (contracts) & corrupt moves done by Heller.This whole drama was noticed by Ice Cube. Cube tried to enlight his crew, but they thought he wanted to lớn go against all odds, forcing Cube khổng lồ abandon his friends.Ice Cube left N.W.A to lớn rap solo. The group fired shots to Ice Cube in their songs . 'No Vaseline' was Cube's response.


Target - J.Cole, Asap Rocky, Drake, Pusha t, Meek Mill, Mac Miller, Jay Electronica, Wale, Big Sean, Big K.R.I.T., Tyler The Creator.No one had any Idea why Kendrick fired shots to lớn his close colleagues. According lớn analysts, Kendrick's intentions were khổng lồ incite competition within the hip-hop universe.This is the track that is believed to lớn have sparked tension between Kendrick Lamar & the Canadian star, Drake.Notable Lyrics - "I got love for you all, but im tryna murder you n##gaz Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you n##gaz".

NAS- 'Ether'

Target: Jay-ZIt was crystal clear that Jay Z's track 'Takeover', was an offensive message khổng lồ rap stars, Nas và Prodigy. Nas responded lớn Jay-Z with one of the greatest Hip Hop diss tracks of all time, Ether.

PUSHA T - 'The story of Adidona'

Target - Drake.Pusha T took the Drake's beef too seriously và chose war, to put the whole nonsense in the trashcan. In this track, Pusha exposed Drake's vị trí cao nhất secrets, triggering Drake's emotions.Notable Lyrics -" Deadbeat mo###f#ker playin' border patrol oh. Adonis is your son và he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that's real Love that baby, respect that girl Forget she's a pornstar, let her be your world, yuugh! How dare you put Ye in my verses? I'm selfish, I want all of the curses I'm pre-bookin' the churches Me versus three hearses If we all go to Hell it'll be worth it ".

J. Cole - 1985

TARGET - Lil PumpThere is a huge gap between Cole's planet và Lil Pump's planet. Lil Pump thinks that J. Cole's perspective on rap culture và lyrics is now old-fashioned. This pushed Pump lớn fire shots khổng lồ J. Cole.In response, Cole decided to fully explain his own views about the rap industry / business, how most of the 21st century rappers are falling into deep holes because of their type of mindsets they impose in the rap music.

PUSHA T - ' Infrared '

Target - DrakePusha T and Drake's group YMCMB went lớn a point where they could put pen & paper aside and pull out guns and knives. This situation persisted until Drake decided to lớn Takeover the wheel. As a result, Pusha pressed the war mode button.Notable Lyrics.- " The game's fucked up Niggas beats is bangin', nigga, ya hooks did it The lyric pennin' equal the Trumps winnin' The bigger question is how the Russians did it It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin "

Eminem - Killshot

Target - Machine Gun KellyEminem took the issue personal after M.G.K. (Machine-Gun Kelly) went on to lớn spat out crap about Eminem's daughter và in response, Slim Shady went to the studio for a rap diss track.It was on this track when Eminem accused Kelly's boss, phường Diddy as the 2pac killer.

EMINEM - 'Nail In The Coffin' 'The Sauce'.

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Target - Benzino, The Source magazine.Rapper và owner of The Source magazine, Benzino went on khổng lồ challenge Eminem by downvoting for Eminem's album 'The Marshal Mathers LP'. He gave the album a two-star reviews in his magazine.Benzino kept on poking the legend, mentioning his ethnicity, dropping subliminal shots in his freestyles.It is believed that Benzino's career was jeopardized by this diss track.

DRAKE - 'Back to Back'

Target - Meek MillMeek Mill challenged Drake via Twitter, downvoting và discrediting him because of using ghost writers, who craft most of his best lyrics.In response Drake dropped 'Back khổng lồ Back'