What had me occupied all morning? I really wanted Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh Mi) & had no pickled daikon & carrot (Do Chua).

A Vietnamese sandwich without pickled daikon và carrot is a naked sandwich that isn"t worth eating. The same goes with the cilantro and slices of fresh cucumber that also go into a Vietnamese sandwich. So what is a girl khổng lồ do? Simple.Make it from scratch. Thankfully, it’s so easy to lớn make!

Vietnamese pickled daikon and carrot not only provide a tart and sweet crunch lớn Vietnamese sandwiches but it is also added lớn salads and topped as a garnish lớn many Vietnamese grilled meat dishes.

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What is Daikon?

Daikon is a type of trắng radish. It’s mild in taste & resembles a large albino carrot.

How lớn Cut and Prep

You can cut the daikon và carrot with a food processor with a julienne blade, a mandolin or simply by hand. Start off by peeling both the daikon và carrot. If cutting by hand, slice the daikon and carrot into thick coins at a diagonal for more surface area. Line up the oval slices, slightly overlapping each other, then cut them into matchsticks all at once. Alternatively, make a small stack of the slices then cut them into match sticks. I lượt thích to cut the daikon into slightly thicker matchsticks so they have equal density as the carrots. Once daikon & carrot are cut, salt them and set them aside for one hour. This will pull out the moisture khổng lồ keep the vegetables crunchy. No need khổng lồ wash out the salt.

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Vietnamese Pickled Daikon & Carrots for bánh mì (Đồ Chua)" >

Đồ Chua

A MUST FOR Bánh mì

Pickling liquid

The pickling liquid is a combination of water, vinegar và sugar. There’s a bit of salt from salting the daikon & carrots beforehand. You can always adjust the sugar và vinegar to your liking. I like mine on the sweeter side.


These are fresh pickles so they need to be stored in the fridge and best if eaten within two weeks. You can keep them for longer, but keep in mind that the daikon & carrot will get more sour over time.