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Interested in understanding better the personality of someone born under May 2 2005 horoscope? This is a full astrological report containing details such as Taurus properties, love compatibility và no matches status, Chinese zodiac animal interpretation as well as an analysis of a few personality descriptors together with some predictions in life, health or love.

Horoscope and zodiac sign meanings

The meanings of this birthday should be first explained by considering few basic characteristics of its linked zodiac sign:

Birthday characteristics interpretation

Horoscope personality descriptors chart


As Taurus does, people born on May 2, 2005 has a predisposition in confronting with health problems in connection to lớn the area of both the neck and throat. Below there are listed some examples of such potential issues. Please lưu ý that the possibility to suffer from any other problems related to health should not be ignored:

Polymyalgia rheumatic which is a muscles and joints disorder that is characterized by pain and stiffness in the arms, neck or shoulders.
Graves disease that is an overactive thyroid và includes irritability, tremors, heart và sleep problems.
Hypothyroidism (goiter) with symptoms that vary from tiredness, excessive sensitivity khổng lồ cold, weight gain và muscle aches.

Defined by a powerful symbolism the Chinese zodiac has a wide range of meanings that stirs the curiosity of many, if not a permanent interest. So here are a few interpretations of this date of birth.

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The May 2 2005 zodiac animal is the 鷄 Rooster.The element for the Rooster symbol is the Yin Wood.The lucky numbers for this zodiac animal are 5, 7 & 8, while numbers to avoid are 1, 3 và 9.The lucky colors of this Chinese sign are yellow, golden and brown, while white green, are considered avoidable colors.
There are a few general features that define this symbol, which can be seen below:extravagant personorganized persondetails oriented personindependent personThis zodiac animal shows some trends in terms of love behavior which we detail in here:shysincerehonestconservativeWhen trying to lớn define the social and interpersonal skills of a person ruled by this sign you have khổng lồ know that:proves lớn be communicativeoften gets appreciated because of a proven concerproves to be very sincereoften available to lớn make any effort in order to lớn make others happyFew career related characteristics that may describe how this sign behaves are:is a hard workerusually has a succesfull careeris adaptable to any environmental changescan khuyến mãi with almost every change or groups
Rooster is well correlated in a relationship with these three zodiac animals:DragonTigerOxA relationship between the Rooster and the following symbols can evolve nicely at the end:DogMonkeyGoatSnakeRoosterPigThere are no chances for a strong relationship between the Rooster & these ones:HorseRabbitRat
should avoid any viciesshould try to lớn improve own sleeping scheduleis in a good shape should try to khuyến mãi better with stresfull moments

May 2 2005 was a Monday.

The soul number that rules the May 2, 2005 birth date is 2.

The celestial longitude interval assigned lớn Taurus is 30° to lớn 60°.

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The Planet Venus and the Second House rule Taurians while their lucky birthstone is Emerald.